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Sewell-Thomas Stadium


Tuscaloosa, AL


Jon Dewitt

Athletic Grounds Director - University of Alabama

Opened in March of 1948, Sewell-Thomas Stadium, “The Joe” as its called has played host to the University of Alabama baseball team for many decades. In 2015 the stadium underwent a complete modernization renovation and following the makeover, switched to NorthBridge Bermudagrass. Athletic Grounds Director Jon Dewitt loves the recuperative ability that NorthBridge displays along with its color and the fact that they don’t need to overseed with its cold hardiness. NorthBridge is also featured as the grass covering the perennially ranked softball team’s field as well.

“We have NorthBridge on the diamond at baseball and also NorthBridge on the outfield of baseball…and we did that same at softball. The cultural information in the industry was NorthBridge is the better grass. And so that was my vote to administration.”

– Jon Dewitt – Athletic Grounds Director – University of Alabama