CitraZoy Grass Viewed from a top focal view

CitraZoy® Delivers Better Winter Color

CitraZoy® Zoysiagrass is a newly commercially released zoysiagrass from the University of Florida. Compared to other Florida grass variety options, CitraZoy exhibits better winter color.

One attribute that was being sought in the breeding process was the ability to hold onto a strong color throughout the year in Florida. CitraZoy, which is finer-bladed, outpaces others when it comes to fall color retention and spring green-up; less off-color time in any stage of winter dormancy. This is a feature that increasingly homeowners are looking for. CitraZoy lawns will not lose their green color as fast in the fall and will bounce back by early March/April and perhaps sooner depending where you are located in the state.

Dr. Kevin Kenworthy, a professor of Grass Breeding and Genetics in the Agronomy Department at the University of Florida, has worked with the variety since 2007. He explains why it was an attribute they were actively seeking in the breeding process.

“Winter color is one of the really nice features of CitraZoy. That’s one of the things we hear about Zoysiagrass in Florida is that it doesn’t hold color in the winter, like the neighbor’s St. Augustine grass and so that’s been an important thing that we’ve tried to work on in our program,” Kenworthy said.

Turfgrass Winter Color Wheel

Turfgrass winter color wheel depicts CitraZoy (FAES 1307) holding color better in comparison to other varieties. Photos were taken on Jan. 1 in Fresno, California.

He also went on to share that this is the first zoysia specifically developed and tested for as long as this grass has been tested in the state of Florida.

“CitraZoy is a new product for the state compared to existing zoysiagrass that is on the market. It has better shade tolerance. It has better winter color. It has excellent sod strength,” Kenworthy commented. “The growers are going to really appreciate its harvestability. Installers are going to be able to move this grass around easy and throw it down on the ground without a lot of concern.”

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