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Enhancing Military Dog Training with Celebration® Bermudagrass at Joint Base Charleston

At Joint Base Charleston, the Military Working Dog Kennel isn’t just a training facility—it’s a crucial part of our national defense where K9 units, serving alongside their handlers, are prepared for duty. To ensure these four-legged heroes have optimal training conditions, the base chose Celebration® Bermudagrass for its robustness and adaptability. From the installation process to performance, this grass variety has not only enhanced this vital facility but also supported the rigorous training of dogs who serve our country.

Selection of Celebration Bermudagrass

K&K Industries was contracted to manage the training facility upgrade and the use of Celebration Bermudagrass was specified in the project plan. This grass provides an ideal surface for K9 training, accommodating the obstacle course’s ramps, loops and other challenges. The aggressive growth of Celebration Bermudagrass ensures it can handle rigorous use while maintaining an attractive, functional landscape.


In December 2023, Sod Solutions Professionals sourced over an acre of Celebration Bermudagrass from Nimmer Turf Farm, Inc. for the dog training park on the naval base. K&K Industries, led by project manager Joel Pelletier, ensured the site was thoroughly prepared before sod installation. They pre-installed irrigation systems and graded the land, allowing for quick unloading and seamless rolling out of the turfgrass by Sod Busters, a Charleston, SC-based landscaping business known for its efficiency and expertise in turfgrass installations.

“We had seamless communication with K&K Industries on the Joint Base Charleston project. Joel Pelletier and his team excel at government work, and working with them was a great experience. They met all project requirements efficiently,” said Debbie Thames, Customer Solutions Manager for Sod Solutions Professionals. “We were thrilled to contribute to such an important project, supporting the training of our military’s working dogs, who play such a critical role in our national security.”

Performance and Maintenance

Since installation, the Celebration has been growing well at the facility. K&K Industries will handle the first year of maintenance for the park, providing fertilization, irrigation and mowing services. More grass is set to be installed around the new kennel facility currently being built at the same site.

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This article was written by Cecilia Johnson.

grass at dog park

Celebration® Bermudagrass installed at the Joint Base Chaleston Military Working Dog Kennel.

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