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When someone plays a new golf course for the first time, it’s important that they walk away impressed and pleased. Sod Solutions Pro wants to help you make that user experience unforgettable by choosing grass that is unique and stands out. Let us help you create a reason for visitors to your course to return again and again.

Generally, courses need several specialty varieties. Sod Solutions has grasses across the spectrum that work for golf courses. With years of research and innovation, these products are ready to be installed on your courses today. When picking our products, you will also get a partnership with a dedicated team of professionals that will help throughout the life of your course. We can help select the right grasses and assist with finding reliable crews for product installation.


For three decades, Sod Solutions grasses have been used widely throughout all levels of golf courses. Celebration® Bermudagrass is a standard in golf and is known for its wear tolerance and recovery, drought resistance and tolerance and bermudagrass shade tolerance. Latitude 36® Bermudagrass is being quickly adopted for golf courses throughout the country due to its proven cold tolerance, wear tolerance and recovery and exceptional playability. NorthBridge® Bermudagrass has been selected for many up and coming high profile golf installations due to its tensile strength, aggressive rooting and its early green-up. Sod Solutions Pro is currently working on the Celebration X project with Mississippi State University. This research is breeding off Celebration Bermuda progeny to develop a new hybrid bermuda using Celebration genes. The project is nearing completion with a number of grass selections being tested.

Sod Solutions Grasses - On the Course

Celebration 500x250

Celebration® Bermudagrass

Developed in the harsh and dry climate of Australia, Celebration has become a standard bermudagrass across the globe. Used on famous golf courses, stadiums, parks and home lawns, Celebration has a two-decade proven track record of success. Celebration’s strengths are highlighted in its exceptional root system and rapid recovery time. Celebration has the best documented shade tolerance for a bermuda variety and features a unique, dark blue-green color.

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Overhead View


Golf & Country Club
Wellington, FL

Sod Solutions Pro Latitude 36 Logo

Latitude 36® Bermudagrass

Latitude 36 is one of the highest quality bermudagrasses you will find on the market. Latitude 36 exhibits a fine texture and dense canopy resulting in exceptional ball roll for baseball, soccer and golf. Known for a high tolerance to cold conditions, Latitude 36 stretches the boundaries of the transition zone. Found in stadiums throughout the country and around the world, Latitude 36 is the clear choice for elite playability.

Daniel Island Country Club Golf Course

Daniel Island Club

Daniel Island, SC

NorthBridge Bermudagrass Logo

NorthBridge® Bermudagrass

For longer seasons of green and a reduced need to overseed, NorthBridge is the choice. Developed by Oklahoma State University, NorthBridge is a tough bermudagrass cultivar known for cold tolerance and early spring green-up. The tensile strength and aggressive rooting of NorthBridge make it a durable choice for sports venues.

Northwood Club Northbridge

Northwood Club

Dallas, TX

Sod Solutions Pro Sunday Logo

Sunday™ Ultra-Dwarf Bermudagrass

Sunday is finer-textured than Tifdwarf Bermudagrass and can be mowed as low as .08 inches while providing a consistent, high quality putting surface. In addition, Sunday is monolithic, providing a highly aesthetic green putting surface. Sunday has received very positive feedback on its color and reduced maintenance after being installed on multiple golf courses. Specify Sunday™ Ultra-Dwarf Bermudagrass on your next new course or renovation.

Sunday Crowfield Golf Club

Growfield Golf Club

Goose Creek, SC

Innovation 500x250 1

Innovation™ Zoysia

Innovation™ Zoysiagrass is most popular for being a versatile zoysiagrass suitable for the southern two-thirds of the United States. Innovation Zoysiagrass is an excellent choice for golf courses located in the transition zone as it is also very cold tolerant. Innovation has an appealing dark green color with a medium-to-fine-texture that is pleasing to the golf course professional.

Innovation Louisville Golf Club

University of Louisville Golf Club

Simpsonville, KY

Empire Turf 500x250

EMPIRE® Zoysia

EMPIRE® Zoysia elevates the standards and expectations of golf course designers, managers and superintendents with low maintenance and a moderate shade tolerance typical of most zoysias. The revolutionary zoysiagrass is a blue-green turfgrass that has a wider blade than most other zoysias and grows in a wide variety of soil and climate conditions. Used on golf courses throughout the southern United States and in areas of the transition zone, EMPIRE ensures a beautiful, low maintenance golf course that thrives in areas where others are not well adapted.

Empire Pga Nationals

PGA National

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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