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Healthy Grass Technology®, also known as HGT, is an improved seeded bluegrass developed by Barenbrug International demonstrating unmatched toughness and disease resistance in a wide variety of applications including golf courses. HGT was developed in harsh climatic conditions to withstand diseases, pests and heavy traffic, making it an ideal option for golf courses with championships and tournaments. HGT is especially unique in its ability to thrive into the warmer transition zone where other bluegrass varieties struggle.

Healthy Grass Technology® is a patented and trademarked product of Sod Solutions, Inc.

Sod Solutions Pro HGT Growth Map
Sod Solutions Pro HGT Growth Map
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HGT Golf Course Grass
HGT Golf Course Grass

Specification Guide

Download our specification guide to help navigate the specification process from soil testing to installation and ongoing maintenance of the sod.