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2018 Industry Shows and Other Events | Sod Solutions

2018 is off to a busy start! Below are some of the key events we will attend to pro­mote Sod Solutions turfgrasses, produc­ers, and more. We will also participate in turf expos, seminars, and other events that are not listed here – 70+ events in all.

  • Sports Turf Managers Association Conference and Exhibition, Jan. 16-19, Ft. Worth, TX
  • Mid Atlantic Turfgrass Expo, Jan. 29-31, Fredericks­burg, VA
  • Golf Industry Show, Feb. 5-8, San Antonio, TX
  • Turfgrass Producers International Conference and Field Day, Feb. 12-15, Tucson, AZ.
  • Texas-ASLA Expo, Apr. 18-20, Galveston, TX
  • Florida – ASLA Conference and Expo, Jul. 26-28, Bonita Springs, FL
  • NC State Field Day, August, Raleigh, NC
  • Texas Nursery & Landscape Show, Aug. 16-18, San Antonio, TX
  • Florida Turfgrass Association Conference and Show, Sept. 17-19, St. Augustine, FL
  • The Landscape Show, Oct. 4-6, Orlando, FL
  • National ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo, Oct. 19-22, Philadelphia, PA
  • Deep South Turf Expo, Oct. 30-Nov. 1, Biloxi, MS
  • Carolina Golf Course Superintendents Assoc. Confer­ence and Show, Nov. 12-14, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • NC/SC Sports Turf Managers Assoc. and Trade Show, Nov. 12-14, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Ohio Turfgrass Conference, December, Owasso, OH
  • Texas Turfgrass Assoc. Conference and Show, Dec. 11-13, San Antonio, TX

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