Latitude 36® Bermudagrass Elevates Via Mizner and South Florida Golf

Located in downtown Boca Raton, FL, The Golf Club Via Mizner offers its members an 18-hole Signature Golf Course by Jack Nicklaus. The high-end private facility has about 90 members and uses Latitude 36® Bermudagrass on its entire course except for the greens. Latitude 36 was chosen for its exceptional playability, a crucial factor in selecting the grass for this South Florida venue.

The pictures above showcase Latitude 36® Bermudagrass at The Golf Club Via Mizner.

The installation of Latitude 36 at Via Mizner began in 2018, and George Redshaw, the Director of Agronomy at Penn-Florida Companies, joined the project mid-way in 2019. His familiarity with the grass and expertise made him an ideal candidate to oversee its implementation and maintenance at this prestigious location. “I’ve followed Latitude 36 since 2015, when it was originally put down at Loxahatchee Club. In 2016, they put it at Old Marsh Golf Club. In 2017, it was right next to me at Boca Rio Golf Club and I looked at it there. So then in 2018, I built Boca Lago and put Latitude 36 there, and in 2019, when this opened, they reached out to me because of my experience with it.”

Redshaw highlights the benefits of Latitude 36, emphasizing its playability and durability. “The density of the turf, the playability for handicaps of all ages, whether you are talking about a scratch golfer or a very high handicap, it’s much more playable. The color retention during cold temperatures is amazing. The healing properties from divots are also pretty amazing. It’s also very tolerant of disease, drought and insect damage. That’s why I went with Latitude 36. I would suggest to another superintendent doing a renovation that if he’s not using Latitude 36, he’s doing himself a disservice. This is an absolutely excellent grass to maintain and play on.”

Redshaw, a Pittsburg native, spent the first nine years of his career working with cool-season grasses and said that the playability of Latitude 36 in the fairways is right there with Bentgrass. “I’m unique at this property in that I have very little rough-height grass. I have a slim band of rough around all my beds and that’s it. Everything is mowed at fairway height. There’s no delineation of the tees or fairways. I’ve got 75 acres of fairways on an 18-hole course,” Redshaw said.

Latitude 36® continues to thrive at nearby North Palm Beach Country Club, which won the Sod Solutions Florida Latitude 36 Course of the Year award in 2020, and other nearby courses. King Ranch Turfgrass and Quality Turf supply the grass for Via Mizner, ensuring the highest quality product for this standout venue in South Florida. To learn more about this grass, visit

Watch the video below to hear what Redshaw and Florida golf professionals have to say about Latitude 36:


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