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Respected Turfgrass Proprietor Excited to ‘Roll Out’ InnovationTM Zoysia

CHARLESTON, S.C., (January 23, 2018) – Tobey Wagner, President and co-founder of Sod Solutions, today announced the launch of InnovationTM Zoysia, a cold-hardy turfgrass that will now make zoysia a viable alternative for wherever Meyer or Emerald zoysiagrass are grown and sold, and northward. Tobey’s enthusiasm was evident in his statements. “We have been committed to developing and marketing superior turf varieties since the 1990s. Our focus has never wavered. We bring innovative selections to the horticultural industry for the benefit of the individuals who plant, cultivate, sell, install, maintain and enjoy them. Innovation Zoysia, like each of our brands, is the result of the type of extensive research and development that our discerning producers, distributors and end users demand. Innovation Zoysia offers clearly superior benefits over other long-established zoysia grasses, a fact that will enable our partners to grow Innovation Zoysia into a leading position among turfgrass varieties.”

Christian Broucqsault, the COO of Sod Solutions, called attention to Kansas State and Texas A&Mthe two prestigious land grant universities that worked together to develop a grass that will offer widespread appeal. “The collaborative efforts of Dr. Jack Fry, Professor, Turfgrass Science, Department of Horticulture and Natural Resources at KSU and Dr. Ambika Chandra, Associate Professor, Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics at Texas A&M and their teams deserve recognition. Their exhaustive and creative efforts, in developing what scientifically was referred to as KSUZ 0802, remind us that the science of sod is flourishing and that Sod Solutions is on the cutting edge of that movement,’’ Broucqsault added.

Wagner confirmed that Sod Solutions has begun selecting and licensing growers for Innovation Zoysia. It is already being planted at turf farms across the United States and overseas as well. It is poised to benefit the U.S. turf industry by expanding the Zoysia footprint into the southern two-thirds of the country, from Indiana to Gulf Coast, and from Virginia to Texas.

Roberto Gurgel, Director of Research for Sod Solutions, explains its many advantages, beginning with its ability to withstand colder temperatures than other zoysias. “It has proven to be very cold-hardy in studies. Plus, Innovation Zoysia exhibits very good shade tolerance as well as good wear recovery, is a fast-growing grass for production, greens up early in the spring, shows good resistance to billbugs and demonstrates good disease tolerance in a variety of studies and applications.”

Wagner cited very strong initial interest. “This attractive, easy-to-maintain grass will immediately become a turfgrass of choice for yards, golf courses, parks and commercial establishments in the transition zone. Homeowners, golf professionals and landscape architects are certain to be among the many to appreciate its distinct advantages.”

Innovation Zoysia will be highlighted at the upcoming Golf Industry Show (GIS) Show in San Antonio, TX February 5th–8th, 2018 and February 12th–15th, 2018 at the Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) Convention in Tucson. Visit Sod Solutions Pro at for the latest updates on Innovation Zoysia.

Sod Solutions, Inc., an international turfgrass research and development company incorporated in 1994, is headquartered in Charleston, SC.  In conjunction with universities and breeders, Sod Solutions has developed a portfolio of turfgrass varieties in the St. Augustine, bermudagrass, zoysia, centipede, and cool season families.  Since their flagship variety, Palmetto® St. Augustine, Sod Solutions has continued to launch new varieties of turfgrass to meet the environmental and consumer demands in the marketplace.  Sod Solutions turfgrass varieties are grown and distributed worldwide. For more information, visit or call 843.849.1288.

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