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Neighborhood Developer Talk Sod With Homeowners

Developer / builder D.R. Horton Homes just completed part of a new neighborhood in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and then implemented a unique way to connect with new residents.  D.R. Horton hosted a neighborhood product demonstration gathering at the clubhouse and invited homeowners to come out and listen to various companies talk about products that the homes were built with.  Green Acres Turf Farm, who supplied the neighborhood with EMPIRE Turf, got many questions from curious homeowners on care and maintenance of the grass.

This gathering is not only a great idea for new neighborhoods but for old and struggling neighborhoods as well.  It would be a great idea for farms to contact the local neighborhood developers they have worked with and put on this kind of gathering.  The cost is minimal compared to the education and product showcase that will be afforded to you.  One of the largest causes of turfgrass issues is lack of education on the part of homeowners.  Educating one neighborhood at a time is a way to help manage this problem.  Sod Solutions would be happy to help with the presentation if schedules allow.  We were able to do this for the Villages in Florida last year.  Contact us if you would like to do this in your area.

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