The Benefits of NorthBridge Bermudagrass – The Mark of a Winner

In 2011, the Oklahoma State University turfgrass breeding program released a cold tolerant bermudagrass called NorthBridge®. In essense, it would “bridge” the gap between warm season and cool season areas of the United States (the transition zone). This grass was selected among thousands of lines and years of research because it stood out with its featured special qualities. Those qualities make it a perfect choice in most natural grass applications from the transition zone and south. To appreciate the characteristics of NorthBridge Bermudagrass, the first place to look is at the appearance. Bermudagrass varieties have differing textures—some have wider blades than others. The blades of NorthBridge are on the very fine blade width spectrum exuding a tight, dense look. When you throw in a dark green color, the grass really pops.

Pictured above: A top-down aerial shot of Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee. Can you spot the NorthBridge line down the middle of the field? It was used as a replacement in that spot after the Tifway 419 Bermuda in that area had been worn down and taken out.

Appearance is important but it’s what’s “under the hood” so to speak that really makes NorthBridge shine. NorthBridge is one of the most cold-hardy bermuda varieties in the United States. And where it really stands out in that realm is in the spring where it is annually one of the first warm season cultivars to green back up. The density of NorthBridge gives great roll in sporting events and that density also helps to choke out weeds in a lawn setting.

Golf and NorthBridge go hand in hand. The early spring green-up means less time without green on a course and gives a better option should the superintendent decide not to overseed the course with a winter rye. This is extremely cost saving for the course; savings that oftentimes get passed back to golfers who typically foot that bill. Great ball roll is called “playability” and having the upright, compact blades that it does delivers more distance to golfers of all levels. Those extra 20 yards can make a big difference. NorthBridge is also quick to recover from divot injury on the course, filling in holes in just a couple of days.

Pictured above: Northwood C.C. – Dallas, TX

“We trialed it for about five years and compared it to other bermudagrasses and zoysiagrasses and we just noticed that NorthBridge exceeded all those.”
Kevin Carpenter – Superintendent – Northwood Club – Dallas, TX

Ball roll is very important in other sports like baseball, softball and soccer. That is why NorthBridge is a favorite of athletes across the country. But really more important for many sports field managers is the way it looks on a television broadcast. The dark color and density of NorthBridge make it a TV star. And for facilities that don’t regularly get put on television, the option of forgoing off-season rye is made much easier due to less time in dormancy and its cold fighting abilities.

“We have NorthBridge Bermudagrass and it has held up awesome for us.”
Travis Hogan, Head Groundskeeper – Arrowhead Stadium & Kansas City Chiefs – Kansas City, MO

If you are just looking for a residential lawn, you’ll want it to look good and be resilient for kids, dogs and backyard barbeques. Win that lawn of the month with NorthBridge. The fine blades make for a great natural cushion for playing and for walking without your shoes. It is a lawn where the worry about a damaged spot is forgotten about when you can’t see it anymore after just a couple of days. It’s drought tough and won’t need much water. NorthBridge is a lawn an end-user can be proud of.

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