CEMG Mid-Year Producer Meeting – Recap

The Carolina EMPIRE Marketing Group met Wednesday morning, July 28th in Florence, South Carolina to go over mid-year progress and numbers. It was great to see everyone in person and get an idea of the current state of the market in the Carolinas.

From a number’s perspective, everything is on track for our biggest year yet. The goals at the beginning of 2021 were to eclipse 25 million square feet of EMPIRE sold and currently we are closing in on 20 million with three growing months left to go in the reporting year, July, August and September. (We run October through September for full reporting analysis each year, so we have a complete picture come time to budget for the next year.)

The goals for average pricing are on track as well. The goal was to increase overall pricing in 2021 to over $.39 per square foot sold and right now we stand at a combined $.38. North Carolina sits at $.411 and South Carolina at $.375. There was agreement among the growers in attendance that there is room to increase pricing because of current demand and a few already have recently.

When going through the attached presentation, we had some producers in the room tell us that the current acreage numbers listed were not correct. If that is the case, please let us know so we can update the MARS System. Accurate acreage and current availability numbers help us with the release and distribution of many of the marketing plans. Please review your numbers and see that everything is correct.

One plan for this year we expect to see begin to happen in the coming weeks is one-on-one strategic meetings with each of you. We invite you down to Charleston for dinner and a meeting or we can come to you. The goal is to look at goals and planning for the next 5 years and see how we can work together on different marketing projects. We look forward to this. Expect an email and call from territory manager Whit Jacobs in the coming weeks.

We really enjoyed our brief time with many of you and look forward to seeing each of you in the coming weeks.

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