EMPIRE Zoysia – Cable Advertising 2021

In 2020, one of the main trends observed during the height of the pandemic is that people stayed home and got outside on their lawns more often. When they retreated indoors – they took to watching online streaming services. Be it Netflix, Hulu or other online programming, binge-watching shows became a pastime of choice.

EMPIRE marketing wants to play that to our strength this spring, summer and fall by advertising on streaming services with online cable and Hulu ad campaigns. One of the cool things about using these online platforms is that, unlike tv advertising in the past, audiences can be narrowed down with a fine-toothed comb. Digital metrics outline everything from age, income, geography and viewing habits…etc. all the while letting advertisers create a border for just how much audience they want to go after. Here is an example for South Florida using Xfinity’s campaign creator focused on the Miami area. The border-radius is set at about 15 miles in all directions from a central point. All of this can be done economically. Hulu offers a similar package, and we will also use that to target potential clientele.

Look forward to EMPIRE commercials beginning to run sometime in March. We will update you when we get schedules on the books.

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