Sod Solutions Launches the “Genuine Palmetto St. Augustine Campaign”

As some of you may be aware, LVN or Lethal Viral Necrosis is a problem for Floratam St. Augustine, Florida’s most common variety. There is no known treatment or cure for LVN currently meaning if a Floratam lawn gets LVN, it’s a matter of time before it dies. LVN is found across the state but primarily in Southeast Florida.

Palmetto St. Augustine has been designated by the University of Florida as LVN resistant, so the demand for Palmetto as a Floratam replacement is very high. If a customer is ordering Palmetto as a Floratam replacement because of problems associated with LVN, it is extremely important they receive Genuine Palmetto Augustine.

In order to provide end-users with the confidence that the St. Augustinegrass they are receiving is, in fact, Palmetto, Sod Solutions has launched the Genuine Palmetto Program. For end-users, we are launching a digital marketing campaign that will send them to This landing page will have all info needed for them to find and purchase authentic Palmetto from a licensed producer, AD/Installer or from Sod Solutions directly.

For Authorized Distributors and installers, we are sending them to this page

Watch the short video below to hear how the campaign benefits producers of Palmetto, what is expected and how this will combat fraudulent sales of other grasses being sold as Palmetto.

Palmetto for Licensed from SodSolutions on Vimeo.

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