Sod Solutions Updates Producer Territory Map

This month, Sod Solutions is restructuring its current team member territory map, breaking out designated responsibility areas across the southeast region of the United States.


Last week, Gary Bradshaw, who has been over the Producer Relations & Business Development for Sod Solutions, and his wife Donna moved from Parrish, Florida to Opelika, Alabama to reside closer to family. This move transitions Bradshaw into a new role as Sod Solutions Territory Manager for Alabama and Georgia.

“I am looking forward to working with the sod producers in Alabama and Georgia. I think there is a lot of potential growth for Sod Solutions in these states and I am excited I get to be a part of it,” Bradshaw said. “I will miss my colleagues and friends in Florida but I am looking forward to this new chapter in Alabama.”

This shift allows for current Alabama and Georgia territory manager Whit Jacobs to focus on a smaller group of states in the region.

Over the past few months, most sod producers in Florida have already been introduced to their new Territory Manager Mark Kann, after Addison King transitioned to a different role at Sod Solutions. The new map gives Kann the Florida Panhandle as well, taking over from Erin Wilder. This allows Wilder to focus on her role directing Sod Solutions Pro and the western half of the country.

Wilder’s west territory along with Roberto Gurgel and Joel Lane’s territories remain unchanged.

“These internal updates are very exciting for everyone as they streamline our U.S. operations. We look forward to the increased opportunities these changes will bring to our network of growers,” said Chief Operating Officer, Christian Broucqsault.

See the updated Territory Map with a key for each Sod Solutions Territory Manager below:

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