Turf Logistics – January 2021 Update

Sod Solutions Turf Logistics team members Jacob Long and Joe Blencoe recorded a video packed with valuable information for producers and their farms. The video summarizes several recent Turf Logistics updates that took place at the end of 2020.

Turf Logistics added an easier way to discover the delivery status of shipments by implementing a Truck Routing Color Coding. Farmers will now be able to easily track their deliveries from beginning to completion much easier than before.

Also, Turf Logistics has given producers the ability to apply finance charges against open invoices. This is based on terms and conditions.

The final update allows producers to build their own Excel CSV files to better understand their own farm’s data by extracting customizable reports. By going into an order detail, you can now select CSV Export and select the number of new fields added.

“This pandemic has shown us how powerful and helpful Turf Logistics truly is. There are a number of farms around the country that had to move to “work from home” because of local ordinances. Turf Logistics has the ability to keep communication flowing between customers and farms,” Blencoe said. “Regardless of what happens this year, we are dedicated to helping you maintain the status quo and continue growing.”

For any farms that have hired new employees for 2021, or need a basic “refresher”, please don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a virtual meeting so the Turf Logistics team can help. Visit for more information.

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