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Research Update

May Research Update:

  • North Carolina State Shade Study
    • The results are in and will be published shortly.  The study involved Celebration Bermuda, Discovery Bermuda, TifWay 419, TifGrand and other experimental lines from NC State.
    • The study was over the course of 2-3 years.
    • Discovery outperformed all other grasses and was followed closely by Celebration
    • Shade levels were over 65%
    • Researchers cut out “cups” to observe regrowth.  Discovery was fastest to grow back in the conditions.
  • Turf Research Florida
    • Looking for improved disease resistance and cold hardiness in both fine and course bladed zoysias.
    • Dr. Kevin Kenworthy is preparing to send four or five lines from the program to sod farms for trials with standard maintenance and harvesting protocols.
    • We are getting closer to a release which will likely happen over the next few years.

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