Sod Solutions Helps Simplify The Turf Grass Specification Process

Today’s wide range of natural turf options can make it hard to specify sod for commercial projects a real challenge. All grass is not created equal and there are numerous variables to be considered, especially when specifying projects like parks, senior living communities or public buildings.

Beyond the basic considerations of project size, geography and climate, there are a host of other characteristics to weigh when choosing the best turf grass for a commercial job. For example, a golf course superintendent may be far more concerned with the wear tolerance and divot recovery of grass than lowering maintenance costs. But for a public park or municipal building project, selecting a sod variety that minimizes mowing and maintenance costs likely is a primary objective.

Working alongside universities and turf farms across the United States, Sod Solutions conducts ongoing research to identify the traits and characteristics of improved turf varieties to determine their best applications. Research has addressed questions on water usage and needs, shade tolerance, traffic tolerance, herbicide usage for weed control, insect damage and control, erosion control and more.

Going a step further to help meet the needs of landscape architects, contractors and design companies, Sod Solutions has developed guidelines for specifying its turfgrass varieties. Information sheets for each brand help professionals navigate the specification process from soil testing to installation and ongoing maintenance of the sod.

Specification guidelines are presented in six specific sections: specifications for subsoil preparation; specifications for topsoil material and application; specifications for fertilizer pH correction materials and final soil preparation; specifications for the specific brand of grass; transplanting and installing the specific brand of grass; and specifications for maintenance of transplanted grass.

Each section can stand alone, be incorporated into an overall set of specifications for an entire turf grass project, or be used in any combination. For example, firms that specialize in a singular type of activity may use these guidelines when bidding only a portion of a project such as supply or placement of topsoil while a general contractor, architect or homeowner may use these specifications as a way to receive uniform bids.

Learn more about how to specify Sod Solutions products and view the specification guidelines for each Sod Solutions grass variety.

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