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You may know Sod Solutions as a licensor and marketer of turfgrasses, but our team has so much more to offer. Over the past five years we have invested in technology to help farms operate remotely and sell sod online. With market uncertainty, we encourage you to consider working with our team to promote your products and reach the ever-growing digital marketplace. Learn about the programs available to you below.

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Sell on

All sod products are eligible for sale on, whether they are a Sod Solutions brand or not. Provide our ecommerce team with wholesale pricing and we will handle all customer service and payment of the order on your behalf while you focus on growing and delivering a great product. All deliveries made are paid within 7 days via direct deposit or check.

ClickSod Websites & Ecommerce

For farms with a current web presence or looking to build one, we have two programs for either upgrading your current site to sell online or building a new site from the ground up with ecommerce capabilities. For the next 60 days, we will waive the $2,500 fee for site upgrades for anyone who signs up and offer a $2,500 credit for new website builds. A flat 5% fee on sales covers all technology management and a base Turf Logistics account for managing ecommerce orders.

Turf Logistics Farm Management

For years we have been helping farms take their operations with the cloud, and it has never been more important than now to know that you can keep your orders, cut lists, and logistics organized than now. Whether at home or the office, Turf Logistics will help keep your farm back office, harvest crews, and drivers running with dedicated apps.


Trisha Moon
Slocum, RI

"My favorite is the QuickBooks export. I use that everyday to get all of our invoices moved over to QuickBooks so we can accept the right payments and everything flows together."

Green Acres Turf Farm

Gary Youmans
Furman, SC

"This system is just an incredible system for those that want to set up to serve the ever-growing number of buy online customers."

Jasperson Sod Farm

Cassidy Weidert
Franksville, WI

"We basically are paperless now which is wonderful. Our drivers have tablets…definitely saving on a lot of extra time with printing out paperwork and maps…we utilize that a lot."

Winstead Turf Farms

Doug Estes
Arlington, TN

"Before I think we thought we had a ceiling. Now I don't know that we know where that number is. I think it has steadily increased."

Bayside Sod

Tiffany Bailey
Sarasota, FL

"What we were doing was working but this is just working so much better."

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