The 13-year Development History of CitraZoy

Funded by Florida sod farms, CitraZoy™ Zoysiagrass was developed by the University of Florida for the Florida market. Below is a timeline of the 13-year development of CitraZoy.

  • 2007 – collection and development of zoysia germplasm by Dr. Kenworthy begins
  • 2011 – discussion begins between Sod Solutions, Dr. Kenworthy, and the Turf Producers of Florida (TPF) on the need to fund UF research for the development of an improved zoysiagrass for Florida
  • 2012 – Turf Research Florida (TRF) is formed. The TRF is a collaborative development effort between the University of Florida, The Turf Producers of Florida, Sod Solutions, and the following 20 Florida sod farms:
      1. A. Duda & Sons
      2. Babcock Nursery LLC
      3. Bayside Sod
      4. Bethel Farms
      5. Council Growers
      6. Florida Premier Turf
      7.  Floriturf Sod
      8. H & H Sod Company
      9. J.W. Turf
      10. Johnston Brothers Farm
      11. King Ranch Turfgrass
      12. Lake Jem Farms
      13. McCall Sod Farm
      14. R.B. Farms
      15. S & K Sod Company
      16. SMR Farms
      17. Star Farms
      18. Tater Farms
      19. Travis Resmondo Sod
      20. Willaway Cattle and Sod Company
  • 2012 – 2017 – Participating sod farms contribute almost $300,000 to TRF
  • 2013 – 2017 – The TRF submits multiple zoysiagrass entries into the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP)
  • 2018 – Dr. Kenworthy narrows the numbered selections from 15 to four lines
  • 2018 – Trial plots are planted at three Florida farm location for production evaluation (Bethel in Arcadia, Tater in Hastings, and JW Turf in Okeechobee)
  • 2019 – TRF growers gather in October for a field day at Tater Farms – consensus reached to focus on 1307 for Florida and 1319 for other regions

Eric Hjort from Tater Farms addressing some of the attendees of the October 2019 Field Day at his farm.

Attendees at the October 2019 Field Day at Tater Farms walking the fields of 1307, 1319, and 1312.









  • 2020 – FFSP commercially releases 1307 and 1319
  • 2020 – The name “CitraZoy” is selected for 1307
  • 2020 – JW Turf expands CitraZoy to 3 acres for plant stock
  • 2020 – Sod Solutions signs a license agreement with FFSP
  • 2020 – TRF grower meet in October for a virtual field day
  • 2020 – Open licensed period begins and plant stock is made available for all 20 TRF farms

If you are one of the 20 Florida farms that funded the development of CitraZoy, the deadline established by the Joint Release Committee to license for CitraZoy is June 1st. There is no cost to license. Click here to initiate the digital licensing process.

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