Turf Logistics 2017 Update

Turf LogisticsTM has become a cornerstone of operational efficien­cy for sod farms in every region of the United States. We are excited to offer a tool that our customers say they couldn’t do without. We are proud to offer a solution to the antiquated farm management method of excel, pen, paper, whiteboards or post-it notes.

This past year our team has worked closely with farms to understand the pain points faced from managerial and workflow perspectives. We are aware of the need for the easiest and most streamlined way to take and enter orders, manage harvest requests, communicate with customers, and route trucks efficiently. Our current development efforts are focused on making these processes and functions within Turf Logistics more user-friendly and powerful than ever.

One of our latest innovations is the upcoming Sales Manager iOS app. This game-changing tool allows quotes and orders to be created and entered into Turf Logistics from a mobile device while “on the go” both on and offline.

Just like auto stacker technology has changed harvesting, Turf Logistics is transforming farm logistics, routing, customer relations and order management. In 2018, we will extend functionality to help our customers sell products online, market more effectively, communicate with customers, and gain better visibility in their operations. We look forward to taking the ride with you and your farm in 2018 as we continue to grow together.

2017 Developmental Highlights:

  • Offline Dropbox Backup System to provide access to mission critical documents in the event of an internet service issue on local computers.
  • SMS Messaging Platform for texting delivery estimates and order information to custom­ers in real time.
  • iOS and Android App release for Harvesters and Drivers to sync current cutting and delivery data to tablets in real time.
  • Automatic routing and dispatching enhance­ments to make managing trucking costs and assignment easier than ever.

Contact Jacob Long at [email protected] to schedule a demo or learn more.

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