Turf Logistics Update – September 2016

The Turf LogisticsTM team is proud to announce the release of our latest version of Turf Logistics. Our team has been hard at work gathering ideas and gaining input from a number of farms to better our already cutting edge system. We know that all farms operate in their own unique way and we have made it our goal to incorporate these suggested solutions that can be applied across the board. The new system is not just more powerful and easier to use, but it incorporates our original problem solving tools with fresh protocols and process. Regardless of employee size, volume of products or even location, Turf Logistics will fit the needs of your business.

As mentioned in May’s edition of Turf Talk, we have been in the final testing stages for the launch of our mobile applications. The Turf Logistics applications will be available via both Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms in the next few weeks. This streamlined approach will allow multiple employees, in multiple job roles, to both access and provide realtime information. This incorporates everything from order taking, harvesting and routing, to customer delivery. The ability to quickly access this information is not only game changing when it comes to time saving, but allows for full visibility of your operation throughout the hustle and bustle of day-to-day activity.

As we move into the fall, some farms are able to slow down and address what went right or what went wrong during the summer season. The fall is a perfect time to vet and experience the power of Turf Logistics. At the end of the day our value proposition is help your farm be more productive, deliver customer satisfaction, and help you drive growth. We are processing more orders than ever and are consistently signing up new farms. As always we are open to any feedback or suggestions you may have. If you are experiencing a frustration or face certain obstacles that prevents you from streamlining your operation, chances are that you’re not alone. Let us know what these are and help us continue to make Turf Logistics the leading sod farm management tool available. Please feel free to reach out at anytime to view a webinar or to sign-up for a  Turf Logistics demo. Jacob, our director of sales, can be reached directly at 843-849-1288 Ext 5. or by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to building even stronger relationships and are excited about our continued involvement in the growth of this this incredible industry.

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