Turf Logistics

Turf Logistics is software built to make your farm work smarter.

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The days of the whiteboard and paper are over. You use your smart phone and computer daily to run your life and keep organized, so why not your farm? Turf Logistics is software the way you would design it. We have worked together with a variety of farms across the country to create a sod farm specific application with your needs and challenges in mind.

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions
Order Management

An optimized order entry screen means less typing to enter orders and changes that are simple and intuitive to make. Cut lists are generated automatically and all users have access to the information they need, when they need it.

Truck Routing

Visually see where your orders  are going on a map to ensure route efficiency. Our automatic routing feature takes all the work out of assigning orders and will directly lower your shipping costs.

Customer Service

Customers can track their orders, just like with UPS, reducing “status update” phone calls. Select customers can even place their own orders online, view past orders, and receive order status updates via email or text.

Lawn Maintenance, Sod Solutions

Turf Logistics Intro

Turf Logistics from Sod Solutions is a full featured ERP system made specifically for sod farms. Watch this short intro video to learn more.