Variety Specific Research

At Sod Solutions, we work with Universities and Turf Farms across the country to research the traits and characteristics of our improved turf varieties. Our research has addressed questions on water usage and needs, shade tolerance, traffic tolerance, herbicide usage for weed control, insect damage and control, erosion control, and more. In the menu to the left you can click on each respective grass to jump to the completed studies and current progress for each variety.

General Turf Grass Research

We also do general research that features projects involving many grasses or particular turf issues that we have helped to fund or believe that you may find useful. We are always interested in gaining more scientific data our varieties, so if you are a researcher interested in working with us on a future project please contact Roberto Gurgel, our Director of Research at

General Ongoing Research

  • UGA at Griffin: Mowing frequency x fertility – Celebration/Latitude 36/Discovery
  • UGA at Griffin: Shade under oak trees – Palmetto/Empire/Geo/Celebration
  • NCSU at Raleigh: Shade study – Celebration/Discovery
  • OSU at Stillwater: Cold tolerance – Sunday Ultra-Dwarf Bermuda
  • MSU at Starkville: Morphological evaluations (for patent purposes) – Geo and Sunday