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Sod Solutions Professionals, a division of Sod Solutions, Inc. helps turfgrass professionals select, specify, purchase and maintain Sod Solutions premium turfgrass brands. Heavy investment in technology, industry breeding partners and deep industry knowledge help us deliver value. Sod Solutions Pro serves a wide range of turfgrass professionals. Whether you are a landscape architect, home builder, landscaper, golf superintendent, sports turf manager, retail center or sod farm, we have solutions that will bring success to projects and satisfy your customers.

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Are you a landscape architect or specifier responsible for choosing the right grass for the right place? Allow our team to help educate you and your staff on the benefits of our proprietary turfgrass cultivars. Sod Solutions Pro also provides assistance in writing project specifications through specification templates. The Sod Solutions portfolio of turf brands fit a wide variety of applications and allow us to make recommendations for the right grass in the right place. Additionally, we provide pricing and delivery of sod and sprigs to job sites from our network of over 250 farms.

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From tee to green, Sod Solutions has you covered. Golf services include specification consulting to determine the right grass for your needs and maintenance budget, pricing and logistics for delivery and installation on projects and maintenance assistance to help your staff achieve the playing surface your membership and owners demand.

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Sports turf managers have chosen Sod Solutions proprietary turf varieties for over 20 years because they can stand up to the challenges of play, have been proven through research and real world applications and are supported by our staff of experts. Our team will help you choose the right product for your facility, provide pricing for delivery and installation from our network of over 250 farms and help you establish best maintenance practices to maintain a world class playing surface that can stand up to the challenge of play.

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Sod Solutions Professionals provides turfgrass specification, delivery and maintenance solutions for turfgrass professionals by providing innovative products, services and solutions backed by a team of passionate turfgrass experts.

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Tobey Wagner

Owner & President

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Drew Wagner

Chief Technical Officer

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Director of Sod Solutions Professionals

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Project Manager

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Customer Support Specialist

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Ideal for home, golf, sports and commercial applications, Sod Solutions turfgrass varieties offer improved aesthetics, higher performance and reduced irrigation and maintenance needs.