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Choosing the right grass for the right place is essential for a successful project. The Sod Solutions Pro team has the experience and expertise you need to make the right grass choice. Our portfolio of products has been developed by leading private breeders and universities with a track record of success worldwide as evidenced by the over 65,000 acres in use today. Our consulting services include: sod and installation specification writing and review, grass selection, planting method (sod, sprigs, seed) and product sourcing. Some information about the grass types and planting methods is available for review below the form, but be sure to contact our team for advice custom-tailored for your specific project, soil type and needs.

All turfgrass types and cultivars are not created equally! When choosing the right grass for a project, both the grass type and cultivar within that type must be considered. Listed below are our improved cultivars which are the result of millions of dollars in breeding, research and testing. These distinctive grasses have proven to be superior in landscapes, sports fields and golf courses all over the world.

The Turfgrass Experts

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Warm Season



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St. Augustine


Cool Season

Read below for a quick overview of available planting methods:


Planting sod is the fastest way to establish new turfgrass. Sodding also requires less extensive establishment work and care than sprigs or seed. Delivered on pallets with cut pieces, or mini rolls or on tubes with big rolls, the new turf surface will be ready for use in just a few short days after establishment and water in.

Sod Solutions Pro Sprigs


For vegetatively grown warm season products such as bermuda and zoysia, sprigs are a less expensive alternative to sod where shredded vegetative material is spread across the ground and established in a few months time depending on the variety and type of grass. Most improved warm season grass cultivars are hybrids not able to produce viable seed, so sprigging is the least costly method to establish a new surface if you have the time and ability to manage a grow-in.

Sod Solutions Pro Seeds


When available, seeding is the least costly option for establishing new turfgrass. Most warm season cultivars are not available in seed form due to low viability or hybridization. In months to a year, depending on grass type, the new surface will be established and ready for use. Seeds often come in blends, so be sure to review the label to understand the cultivars in the blend and their benefits.