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Arrowhead Stadium

Home of the Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City, MO

Arrowhead Stadium

NorthBridge® Bermudagrass

Excellent Cold Tolerance & Aggressive Rooting

Arrowhead Stadium made the switch to NorthBridge® Bermudagrass in 2013. NorthBridge has excellent cold tolerance, aggressive rooting, rapid recovery, and early green-up which makes it a great choice for Kansas City Chiefs. Each year Arrowhead Stadium hosts 8 or more NFL games and other sporting events throughout the year, NorthBridge has held up and continues to perform well and maintain a safe playing surface for professionals.

Learn more about Travis Hogan and his switch from Golf Course Superintendent to Head Groundskeeper; Travis Hogan: From golf to the gridiron.

“We have NorthBridge Bermudagrass, and it has held up awesome for us. How can I keep it as smooth as I possibly can every game? Obviously we have 330 pounders pushing against each other. They are similar divots to a 7-iron going through a par 3 tee, so we do a lot of topdressing.”

– Travis Hogan
Head Groundskeeper
Arrowhead Stadium & Kansas City Chiefs