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Inter Miami CF


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Matt Bruderek

Director of Turf & Grounds at Inter Miami CF

A top priority for the soccer field of Inter Miami CF is the ability to hold events 12 months out of the year. The club chose Latitude 36® Bermudagrass to avoid overseeding in the wintertime. The grass growth is much shorter, the grass leaf blade is much finer and everything on it stays more compact. The soccer players love this due to a nice, quick surface so the ball can move fast and with a pure roll. In a tough climate Latitude 36® maintains its color and grows all winter long.

“I would recommend the Latitude to other sports turf managers because of the recovery, the wear tolerance and the extended growth into colder climates when other bermudagrasses are kinda struggling and going dormant during those times.”

– Matt Bruderek, Director of Turf & Grounds at Inter Miami