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Valencia Palms

Residential / Commercial

Delray Beach, FL


Harvey Cohen

Valencia Palms Committee Chairman / Resident

The Valencia Palms neighborhood in South Florida made a move to switch out their Floratam St. Augustine after Lethal Viral Necrosis took out many of the lawns and common areas in the community. The University of Florida’s newest grass, CitraBlue St. Augustine, checked all of the boxes and fit the bill for what Valencia was looking for. Its disease resistance, its shade tolerance and its remarkable color made it Valencia’s choice replacement.

“It has excellent disease resistance. It has good shade tolerance. It has good drought tolerance…all of those things made a lot of sense and we felt that what we had tried in the past didn’t work but we felt strong enough about it after consulting with our board of directors that we all made a conscious decision that this was the best direction for us to go.”

– Harvey Cohen, Valencia Palms Committee Chairman / Resident