Introducing the Genuine Palmetto® St. Augustine Campaign

In the above video, Justin Wallace explains the challenges Lethal Viral Necrosis (LVN) poses in certain parts of Florida and the subsequent increased demand for Palmetto St Augustine, which the University of Florida has determined is LVN resistant. More specifically, Justin explains how fraudulent activity has created the need to provide end-users of Palmetto with assurance they are receiving Genuine Palmetto. Watch the video to understand your role as an Authorized Distributor in supporting the Genuine Palmetto St. Augustine Campaign.

How to Generate a Genuine Palmetto St. Augustine Certificate

Authorized Distributors and Installers can go to to generate a Genuine Palmetto® St Augustine Certificate for homeowners and end-users. (Use password: palmetto).

To generate a certificate, an Authorized Distributor or Installer must provide the following information:

• Company Name (Your Company Name)
• Company Contact Name (Your Name)
• Company Contact Email (The email from which you would like your email sent)
• Total Square Feet – How much did the customer purchase.
• Customer Name – Your Customer Name
• Customer Email – The email you want the certificate emailed to.
• Date of Sale – The date of sale
• Farm Name – What sod farm did you purchase Genuine Palmetto from?

The Genuine Palmetto Campaign for Florida Residential

Florida Homeowners and end-users will be directed to to receive the latest information on Lethal Viral Necrosis, the current availability of Palmetto St Augustine, the threat posed by unscrupulous parties selling others St. Augustines as Palmetto, and what steps they can take as consumers to ensure they are receiving Genuine Palmetto St. Augustine. Visit this page frequently to get up-to-date information on this topic.

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