Bella Bluegrass Makes TV Debut

Roberta’s Gardens in Indiana licensed Bella last year with one goal in mind…to take plug trays of the dwarf-vegetative bluegrass on its weekly QVC segment.  They regularly bring and assortment of plants and nursery products on the show and wanted a low-mow grass that could be grown in by plugging a lawn.

In middle February, the staff at Roberta’s was ready to bring Bella to Philadelphia and QVC headquarters to make its small-screen debut.  The results we a resounding success.  In a short 12-minute segment, Roberta’s sold 6400 of the 8000 trays they grew for the show. They plan on taking Bella back on soon to try and do it again.

Bella is the worlds first and only dwarf-vegetative bluegrass.  It is not a seeded bluegrass variety but instead grows in from sprigs or in this case, plugs.  Because Bella is a dwarf variety and a slow vertical grower, it is possible to cut back on mowing by as much as 50-80%.

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