Sod Solutions Pro CitraBlue St. Augustine Projected Acreage

CitraBlue St. Augustine Acreage Map

CitraBlue St. Augustine’s Current Availability and 2020 Projected Acreage

Since its release on Oct 3, 2018, over twenty sod farms throughout the state of Florida and Alabama have signed licenses for CitraBlue™ St. Augustine. Of these farms, at least 15 of them have already planted out material supplied by the University of Florida. At present, there are approximately 125 acres of foundation or registered CitraBlue planted. All these farms are faced with the dilemma of deciding how much of this initial planting to sell to the public and how much to use for expansion. Most farms can expand one acre of sod to 10 to 15 acres. The unknown variable is determining how much of this initial planting will be made available for sale to the public and how much of it will be expanded for larger production acres.

Take a look at our CitraBlue acreage map below to get a visual representation of the farms that will grow CitraBlue below. Click each pin to see each farm’s name and location. Green pins represent the farms that have already planted CitraBlue whereas orange pins show the farms that are still in progress of planting.

Refer to the below data to see farms that have planted out, farms that are still in the process of planting out, and anticipated acreage in the next 12 months.

Sod Farms That Have Planted:

  1. A. Duda in Lake Placid, FL
  2. Bay Breeze in Ruskin, FL
  3. Bayside Sod in Parrish, FL
  4. Bethel Farms in Arcadia, FL
  5. Council Growers in Wimauma, FL
  6. H&H Sod in Kenansville, FL
  7. JW Turf in Okeechobee, FL
  8. King Ranch in Belle Grlade, FL
  9. R.B. Farms in Lake Placid, FL
  10. Riebeling Farms in Foley, AL
  11. Star Farms in Belle Glade, FL
  12. Tater Farms in Hastings, FL
  13. Travis Resmondo Sod in Dundee, FL
  14. Woerner Agri-Business in Vero Beach, FL and Bon Secours, AL
  15. Woerner Companies in Bronson, FL and Bon Secours, AL

Sod Farms with Planting in Progress:

  1. Action Sod in Miami, FL
  2. Babcock in Punta Gorda, FL
  3. Classic Turf / Woerner Holdings in Belle Glade, FL
  4. Florida Premier Turf, LLC in Palmetto, FL
  5. K&S Sod in Belle Glade, FL
  6. Lake Jem in Mt. Dora, FL
  7. McCall Sod in Southport, FL
  8. S&K Sod in St. Cloud, FL
  9. TurfPro Services in Belle Glade, FL

Current Acreage: 125 Acres

Summer 2020 Acreage: 450–750 Acres

Year End 2020 Acreage: 1000+

As previously mentioned in our CitraBlue St. Augustine’s Introduction at the 2019 Florida ASLA Conference post, several landscape architects have already begun specifying CitraBlue St. Augustine for projects that will be shovel-ready in late 2020. In response to these requests, licensed producers are expanding as quickly as possible to meet what is expected to be great demand. To read more about CitraBlue, visit


CitraBlue™ ‘FSA1602’ St. Augustine grass was developed by the University of Florida’s turfgrass breeding program under a sponsored Research Service Agreement with the Turfgrass Producers of Florida, Inc. (TPF). CitraBlue St. Augustine is exclusively licensed to TPF by Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc., a direct support organization of the University of Florida. CitraBlue is marketed by Sod Solutions, Inc. and is now available throughout Florida.

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