CitraBlue® St. Augustine Showcases its Superior Shade Tolerance

CitraBlue® St. Augustine, the new grass released by the University of Florida has some of the best shade tolerance for a St. Augustine on the market today.

Jim Shaffer, a resident in High Point neighborhood in Brooksville, FL shares his satisfaction with his CitraBlue lawn. As a retired golf course superintendent who bought a house on the 18th hole, Shaffer decided he had to transform his dirt yard into a beautiful lawn. He selected CitraBlue after observing its traits at the University of Florida/IFAS Plant Science Research and Education Center in Citra, FL.

“I like the characteristics of how it was doing in the shade. My yard is predominantly shade and it was very hard to get grass to grow in the shade. That’s the reason why I picked CitraBlue and because of its color. Its color is a very beautiful deep green-bluish color,” he said.

Shaffer got the CitraBlue from Bay Breeze Farms and installed it himself. He explained that the grass established very quickly and that the cut lines disappeared in under two months.

“It’s just a great grass. Not a whole lot of water is needed for it. I get compliments from all over the community. They all come by my yard asking what kind of grass is it and I tell them. They ask why I picked it and it’s because of the shade. It’s just a great grass,” Shaffer added. See his lawn and watch the testimonial video below.

This home in Brooksville, Florida really puts it to the test with dense shade and it’s holding up beautifully. Disclaimer, grass is a plant and all grasses need some amount of sunlight. But in challenged areas, this one stands out.

For more information about CitraBlue St. Augustine, click here.

CitraBlue® St. Augustine lawn in Brooksville, FL.


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