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This year the Florida and Carolina’s EMPIRE Marketing Groups are offering a unique opportunity for cooperative advertising. The groups have recently partnered with Houzz.com to be able to expand the online presence of Empire Turf. Houzz.com is a home design, decorating and remodeling website that allows consumers to find innovative ideas to complete their next project. While looking a lot like bulletin board website Pinterest, it is actually quite different in that shoppers are able to be directly linked to products near their location or local professionals for hire to do installations. On Houzz.com companies are able to build their own profile page, which includes showcase photos, a company overview, reviews and contact info. Companies participating will be able to track analytics like how many users visit their section.

This website targets EMPIRE Turf’s key demographics. 91 percent of visitors are homeowers. 76 percent are in the 35-64 year old age bracket, have an average income of $127,000 and have median home values of $426,000. Houzz.com has been able to attract the largest consumer audience in the shelter category since its launch a few years ago. Over a one month span, 38 million visitors click through the website.

The Florida and Carolina’s EMPIRE Marketing Groups will pay for one-third the cost of an ad on Houzz.com. If you are interested in learning more about this unique opportunity, please contact Julie Adamski immediately. She can be reached at [email protected] or (412) 951-5350.

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