Improving Sod Farming: How Turf Logistics Transformed Delta Bluegrass Co.’s Operations

In January 2020, Delta Bluegrass Co., a prominent sod farm located just an hour away from Silicon Valley, embarked on a journey to streamline and enhance its operations. The key to success? Turf Logistics, a comprehensive software solution tailored to the specific needs of sod farms.

We sat down with Katie Piazza-Lesley, Delta Bluegrass Co.’s Director of Sales & Marketing, to explore how Turf Logistics has revolutionized their business, the benefits it offers, and why other sod farms should consider adopting this innovative technology.

Efficiency and Real-Time Visibility:

Turf Logistics has provided Delta Bluegrass Co. with a level of efficiency that was previously unimaginable. According to Katie Piazza-Lesley, the software has enabled the company to integrate its sales and trucking departments seamlessly.

Latitude 36 Bermudagrass at Delta Bluegrass Co.

“Our territory is pretty much all of California. We’re not as much in Southern California but our total fleet is about 35 trucks and we’re able to make those last-minute changes. Drivers are able to see that as soon as they’re taking off their loads. We weren’t able to do that before,” Katie said.

This integration, she explains, has not only improved truck routing but has also increased sales by enabling efficient next-day fulfillment of orders. The ability to monitor the truck fleet in real-time has been a game-changer, allowing them to make quick decisions and adjustments, especially in an industry where time is of the essence.

“We are a yes company. If someone calls us and there is an opportunity for us to get an order out, especially the next day, we want to take it. Turf Logistics has definitely allowed us to do that quicker. I would also say we get them out with even more confidence because we have this real-time software to look at. We see what’s on the truck and where they’re going and also make a lot of changes.”

Addressing Previous Challenges:

Before adopting Turf Logistics, Delta Bluegrass Co. faced numerous challenges in managing its sales, logistics and customer interactions. Delta was constrained by a manual, paper-based system that made it difficult to make last-minute changes, track deliveries and communicate effectively with customers. Turf Logistics addressed these challenges by providing a digital platform that allows for real-time updates, quick order changes and even photo documentation of deliveries, which has boosted customer confidence.

Remote Access and Flexibility:

Turf Logistics’ Cloud-Based Solution, tailored for the turf industry, seamlessly integrates order placement, harvest management, truck routing, and invoicing to streamline business operations. With its cloud hosting and data storage, access to the application and vital information empowers users to oversee orders and logistics from any location.

Discussing the software’s adaptability in light of the pandemic, Katie highlights the software’s flexibility, “It also has given us remote access, which obviously, right before the pandemic, we didn’t know that was coming, but we’re able to access the software from anywhere and that includes our sales team. It has been really beneficial because our sales team is on the road.”

This remote accessibility has enabled quick decision-making and order adjustments, providing Delta with a competitive edge.

Simplified Order Entry and In-Depth Reporting:

The ease of order entry and the wealth of information provided by Turf Logistics have streamlined Delta Bluegrass Co.’s operations. Katie Piazza-Lesley emphasized the significance of having access to detailed reports and the ability to create custom reports, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize their processes.

Customization and Finance Management:

Delta Bluegrass Co. stands out as a “power user” of Turf Logistics, leveraging customization options to fit its specific needs. For instance, Delta developed a custom finance program that drastically reduced the time and effort required to calculate finance charges and generate statements. The collaboration between Delta Bluegrass Co. and the Turf Logistics development team has been instrumental in tailoring the software to the unique requirements needed.

Scalability and Adaptability:

Managing a large sod farm requires a system that can handle both small and large jobs. Turf Logistics has demonstrated its adaptability and scalability by enabling Delta Bluegrass Co. to monitor truck availability in real-time, facilitating quick responses to customer inquiries and ensuring efficient logistics management.

“We can get a quick answer whether something is available or not. And communication between us and our trucking department has just been a complete game changer with Turf Logistics,” Katie added.

Recommendation to Other Sod Farms:

Katie Piazza-Lesley had some valuable insights to share with other sod farms considering adopting Turf Logistics. She emphasized that it’s not just a tool for one department but a company-wide improvement. The software facilitates communication across the entire organization, from sales to harvesters and accounting. It helps meet customer expectations in a fast-paced world and empowers businesses to be more productive and progressive.


Delta Bluegrass Co.’s successful implementation of Turf Logistics serves as a compelling example of how technology can transform traditional industries. The software’s efficiency, real-time visibility, customization options and scalability have enabled this sod farm to thrive in the competitive California market. As the agricultural sector continues to evolve, the adoption of innovative solutions like Turf Logistics is becoming increasingly vital for businesses seeking growth, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For more information about Delta Bluegrass Co. click here. To learn about Turf Logistics, click here.

This article was written by Cecilia Brown.

Latitude 36 Bermudagrass at Delta Bluegrass Co.

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