Innovation® Emerges as Quality Zoysiagrass for Southeastern U.S.

Sodmasters Turf Farm, a licensed sod producer in Montrose, GA has been growing Innovation® Zoysiagrass for the past four years. With an initial 13 acres and later expanding to 42 acres, their commitment to progress and excellence in cultivating this exceptional new turfgrass variety has yielded impressive results.

Sodmasters and a number of sod farms throughout the Southeastern United States are watching Innovation emerge as a top-performing, versatile zoysiagrass. Since joining Sodmasters in 2020 as the general manager, James Johnson has observed some of the outstanding traits that set Innovation apart from other varieties.

Innovation Zoysia at SodMasters

Innovation Zoysia at SodMasters

“We are steadily learning about Innovation with it being a newer variety. It performs great and goes on a pallet well. As a grower, that’s all we can ask for. I think it’s a great grass,” Johnson said.

He explained one of its most notable features is Innovation’s smaller leaf size, which beautifully complements its vibrant green color. Johnson explained it also fits perfectly between the other two zoysiagrass varieties they grow at Sodmasters; Emerald and EMPIRE® Zoysiagrass.

“Innovation matches between those and the customers like it. It makes it easy for the salespeople to go through a list of zoysias with a customer and easy for us to sell it. If they’re not wanting something with a thin or wide blade, you can fill the gap right there which makes it such a hot seller,” he added.

Innovation Zoysia at Sodmasters Turf Farm.

Resilience and Recovery

Innovation Zoysia pallet at SodMasters on May 31, 2023.

As with any new variety, concerns regarding its resilience and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions arose. However, Johnson shared that those doubts were swiftly dispelled once spring arrived.

“We got worried about Innovation coming out of winter, which I think any grower always does. Come spring, it just exploded and did great. We have no complaints on its recovery from winter,” he said.

Interestingly, when it comes to maintaining Innovation Zoysiagrass, Sodmasters applies the same maintenance practices for all of the zoysiagrasses they grow. Johnson said they don’t give it any special treatment to make it thrive.

With its smaller leaf size, striking green color and adaptability, Innovation Zoysiagrass has carved out a niche for itself in the turfgrass market. As it continues to excel and demonstrate good resilience, there is no doubt that Innovation will remain a top performer for the Southeast, the transition zone and beyond.

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A historic home on Bellevue Avenue In Dublin, GA with an Innovation Yard supplied by Sodmasters.

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