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Jacob Long Joins Sod Solutions

Jacob Long comes to Sod Solutions as the new Turf Logistics software sales manager.  Jacob has over five years experience in customer focused roles, specifically in the realm of technology. Three of these years have been solely focused on connecting small to medium size businesses with proper technical solutions that resulted in more efficient operation and increased revenue growth. Jacob’s personal passion is seeing small to medium size businesses utilize technological advances to their benefit, and leveraging these solutions to achieve mission success.

“I am very excited to have joined Sod Solutions as the Software Sales Manager for Turf Logistics. My personal passion falls in line with the education and advocation of software driven solutions that can eliminate capital expenditures, drive productivity, and increase revenue. When I discovered the mission and of Turf Logistics and the opportunity arose, I did not hesitate to jump on board. I hope I can share my excitement about this product with you and your business. I look forward to getting to know you as we work together to accomplish the goals and objectives that we all share in the Turfgrass industry.”

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