Sod Solutions, Inc. Launches Lawnifi, A Fertilizer for Homeowners

CHARLESTON, S.C., (May 10, 2017) – LawnifiTM, a division of Sod Solutions, Inc., has launched a fertilizer brand developed specifically for the homeowner. A family of products, Lawnifi is designed to give lawns the nutrients needed for year-round health. Lawnifi features Catalyst TechnologyTM, a patented manufacturing process that reduces the particle size of fertilizer to increase plant available nutrients and uptake. This process has been successfully used commercially on sod farms and general agriculture through Sod Solutions’ Amp AgronomyTM line of products, and is now being introduced for home lawn and landscape use.

“Catalyst Technology reduces the amount of fertilizer needed for successful plant uptake,” said Drew Wagner, Chief Technology Officer of Sod Solutions, Inc. “For instance, if plant roots were the size of a garden hose, then traditional granular fertilizer would be equivalent to a beach ball and must be broken down by the plant or rainfall prior to being used. Traditional fertilizer often locks up in the soil and is never absorbed by the plant. Lawnifi fertilizer is like a grain of sand and is easily absorbed by the plant with no waste.”

“The technology and manufacturing process behind Lawnifi is what sets it apart,” continues Wagner. “We are introducing nanotechnology to the retail lawn and garden space and have seen amazing results. Lawnifi requires less fertilizer, which is not only more efficient for plants, but also better for the environment.”

The Lawnifi family includes three distinct products:

Grow was developed for newly installed sod, seed and plants and winterizing lawns in the late fall.

Maintain is perfect for spring, summer and early fall feeding to keep lawns looking their best year-round.

Recover, a nutrient rich formulation, was developed for regrowth and recovery of stressed turf and foliage.

Each 32-ounce bottle of Lawnifi covers 5,000 sq. ft. and will feed the lawn or plants for about a month. Currently, Lawnifi is being sold through and will be available through select Sod Solutions licensed sod farms and authorized distributors later this spring.

About Lawnifi

Sod Solutions, Inc., an international turfgrass research and development company incorporated in 1994, is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. Through relationships with universities and breeders, Sod Solutions has developed a portfolio of turfgrass varieties in the St. Augustine, bermudagrass, zoysia, centipede and cool season families. In partnership with GCO, the creator of Amp Agronomy, Lawnifi was launched to provide a solution for the homeowner. For more information, visit

Source: Sod Solutions, Inc.

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