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Launched in 2017, Lawnifi™ is poised to grow significantly in the coming year.

Encouraging results from the Lawnifi test lawn program, along with an overwhelmingly positive reception by customers, poises Lawnifi to become a power player in the consumer fertilizer industry.  Distribution throughout the US is expanding and already includes over a dozen retailers selling the product line.

Lawnifi uses the same Catalyst nano-technol­ogy that powers Sod Solutions’ Amp Agronomy products. Lawnifi comes in an easy-to-apply 32 oz. bottle, and covers 5,000 sq. ft. of lawn or landscape.

A new e-commerce site launched with a focus on selling subscription programs of Lawnifi to homeowners. A customized schedule is developed based on the customer’s region and grass type. The customer receives Lawnifi, according to their customized schedule, for a flat monthly, quarterly, or annual fee.

Sod Solutions is seeking retail partners in every region to carry and sell Lawnifi. An affiliate program available for partners that are unable to carry physical products. Affiliates earn revenue by referring Lawnifi through web­sites, or at the retail level through offer cards.

Contact Drew Wagner at 843-284-2347 for infor­mation distributorship or becoming an affiliate.

Visit to learn more about the program.

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