New Territory Management Structure to Support Producers

2018 is projected to be a banner year for Sod Solutions, our produc­ers and distributors. We are planning not only for prospective production and sales increases, but also for the challenges and opportunities that growth brings.

Meeting the needs of our producers is our top priority. Accordingly, we are making some changes at Sod Solutions, on both adminis­trative and staff levels. Restructuring our team is an important part of delivering on that commit­ment.

As the number of grasses and acreage expands, Sod Solutions will need to increase regional avail­ability data to maximize marketing effectiveness. It is critical that our staff be as knowledgeable as possible about the producers’ markets and customers.

For those reasons, over the last year we have expanded our field staff, and more recently, assigned them to specific geographic areas, creat­ing Territory Managers. Each Territory Manager lives in that market, and will focus their work on their territory. This arrangement enhances their ability to develop deeper knowledge of producers, their customers, and unique marketing needs. We believe this restructuring will result in more time spent with the producers.

All the field staff that our producers have known for years are still with Sod Solutions, and we encourage you to maintain those relationships. Going into 2018 your primary day-to-day contact will be with the Territory Manager. They will work with you on production, marketing, promotions, and more. Additional Sod Solutions staff will also step in when more assistance is needed.

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