Valencia Palms Makes the Change to CitraBlue® St. Augustine

Over the past year, Lethal Viral Necrosis (LVN) of Floratam St. Augustinegrass has continued to be an increasingly expensive landscape issue affecting southeastern Florida. LVN, which is caused by Sugarcane Mosaic Virus, has wiped out entire lawns throughout entire neighborhoods, causing a reaction among many homeowners to find a solution.

CitraBlue® St. Augustine has emerged as a promising cultivar for replacement of Floratam in landscapes that have suffered LVN. So far, test sites of CitraBlue have yet to become infected with the virus.

Right now, CitraBlue, developed by the University of Florida, is the only St. Augustine currently in an accredited certification program.

For more information watch the webinar on LVN online here.

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