EMPIRE® Zoysia Summer Maintenance Videos

This month, Sod Solutions released the latest summer maintenance videos for EMPIRE® Zoysia to over 15,000 newsletter subscribers, mostly across the southeastern United States. Over the years, the videos have been a trigger for homeowners to sign up for Sod Solutions blog and newsletter called Sod University. The video checks in at about four and one-half minutes and covers everything a homeowner needs to know from summer insect issues to mowing height recommendations.

This season’s video will be the last full maintenance video covering all aspects of homeowner maintenance before changing up the format slightly in the fall. The next set of maintenance videos will be broken into individual segments to keep the videos short and more accessible for people who are looking for shorter views on specific issues. In other words, there will be a specific video for disease prevention in the fall, one for watering, etc. Feel free to share these maintenance videos with clients.

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