Hulu and Xfinity Update Across Florida

In our last update, we discussed how Covid-19 changed or created some new habits among the American population. Two trends that have been very abundant in the last year have been a return to the “backyard” and the binge-watching of shows. We all know EMPIRE is a perfect backyard grass, so we have that down. The second trend is the one we are focusing on and are doing so with our 2021 marketing campaign for Florida.

Starting in the first weeks of April, we began running our EMPIRE commercial on Hulu and Xfinity streaming services across the state. These digital ad platforms allow us to choose specific geographic and demographics in areas across Florida. Using these services allows us to go deeper with our targeting capabilities, much in the same way as Google advertising works. Here is the commercial to look out for:

In some of the markets across Florida, we are also doing radio advertising to capitalize on high supply numbers.

This is just one piece of our digital marketing strategy for 2021 but we believe it will be an impactful one and will help drive sales across the state. Stay tuned!

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