Looking Ahead at 2022

A message from Sod Solutions’ President:

Tobey Wagner

Tobey Wagner

2021 was quite the year! The turf industry has been impacted by economic and market conditions related to the pandemic, as well as the changing political environment. On a positive note, sales remained strong throughout the year. Increased demand has created shortages of grass in some markets and supported healthy pricing. In every industry, consumers are becoming more digitally focused and thoroughly spending time researching products before making a purchase. The customer experience is increasingly important as digital-based, real-time communication is essential to a successful sales transaction. Our industry is competing for final mile delivery of goods in an environment where trucking and freight are in short supply and upward pressure is being put on shipping costs. As the cost of fuel and the cost of general production increase, the average selling price of turfgrass must also rise for farms to remain profitable. On top of all these factors, consumers are becoming more focused on making purchasing decisions that are sensitive to the environment. Everyone wants products for their landscape that have reasonable requirements related to water usage and chemical management.

How will farms meet the challenges of these shifting conditions? The team at Sod Solutions believes that our industry must embrace new technologies to be well-positioned for the future. In the coming year, Sod Solutions will be releasing a variety of improved turfgrass cultivars in cooperation with land-grant universities. These universities have invested years of research and analysis in identifying new varieties that will be outstanding performers in the landscape. These new grasses will require less water, chemical inputs and mowing. Our territory managers will be working with farms to ensure that we are licensing the right cultivars for the usage needs of every region in the United States. The Software Technology team at Sod Solutions will be offering software solutions to improve order management, customer communication and truck routing for maximum sales efficiency. Our team can also assist in opening online sales and marketing channels to reach consumers in the digital space.

If there’s one message we could send to sod producers, it would be, “We hear you and are here for you.” Sod Solutions is committed to helping your business improve now and prepare for the short and long-term future. The turfgrass industry is in a state of extreme flux and growers who prepare and adapt now will be more successful and profitable.

Sod Solutions is confident that future success and profitability for the turf industry from a grower’s perspective will depend on incorporating technology along with proven, sustainable low-input grasses. Sod Solutions has been heavily investing in both of these initiatives. 2022 will be a pivotal year of introduction for these products. Stay tuned for details as we look forward to serving you.

Tobey Wagner

Sod Solutions


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Turf Review

This month, all sod producers will be receiving a copy of Sod Solutions January 2022 Turf Review. In this comprehensive publication, you will find learn about other sod producers, industry members, one of our team members as well as learn about our four business units, Turf Logistics, our new turfgrass varieties that will be released in 2022, and more! You can download a pdf version of the publication online here.

Upcoming events:

    • Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS): Exhibit in Baltimore, MD January 5-7 at Booth 2740.
    • Tennessee Turfgrass Association (TN Turfgrass Association): Attend in Murfreesboro, TN January 10-12.
    • North Carolina Sod Producers Association’s (NC SPA) Gathering of Friends: Exhibit in Greensboro, NC. (Postponed from January 12. New date TBD.)
    • 2022 Sports Turf Managers Association Conference & Exhibition (STMA): Exhibit in Savannah, GA January 17-20 at Booth 500.
    • Turf Producers Texas (TPT) Annual Meeting: Exhibit in Bay City, TX January 24-25.
    • Indiana Green Expo: Attend January 24-26.
    • Illinois Association of Park Districts/Illinois Park and Recreation Association (IAPD/IPRA) Soaring to New Heights Conference: Attend in Illinois January 27-29.
    • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) Conference and Trade Show (formerly GIS): Exhibit in San Diego, CA February 7-10 at Booth 2711. The booth is inside the Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA) Hub.
    • Turf Producers International (TPI) International Education Conference and Field Day: Exhibit in San Diego, CA February 14-17. Sod Solutions and Turf Logistics will be set up side-by-side at Booths 509 and 608 and at the Field Day.
    • Texas Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA): Exhibit in San Antonio, TX April 19-20 at Booth 408.
    • Turf Producers of Florida (TPF) Annual Meeting and Field Day: Exhibit in Tampa, FL April 28-29.
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