Momentum Builds for CitraBlue® St. Augustine

Success in the Florida Landscape

CitraBlue continues to be well received by the Florida market. Homeowners, developers and landscapers alike all love the deep blue-green color, but what has impressed most end-users is both the disease resistance and the highly aesthetic curb appeal.

Medallion Homes – Aqua, a new home development near Bradenton recently had 300 pallets of CitraBlue installed in their common areas. The grass was supplied by Bay Breeze Farms and installed by Dieter Sod. See the below video for the story.

Valencia Palms
a 700+-home neighborhood in Delray Beach installed 10,000 sq. ft of CitraBlue in December. Their present challenge is multiple lawns dying from LVN.  They are very pleased with what they see in CitraBlue and, if things remain unchanged, could be looking at replacing all 700+ homes with CitraBlue; not because there is any confirmation from UF that CitraBlue is resistant to LVN but because of all of the other positive characteristics.

Entrance to Valencia Palms – CitraBlue

Valencia Trails
, a subdivision in Ft Meyers that installed CitraBlue alongside Floratam to observe their comparative performance, is very pleased with the observed disease resistance by CitraBlue. See the below video for the story.


Increased Demand and Planned Acreage Expansions

A few farms with modest acreage have already sold out of their inventory and will be out until the summer. If you have customers in need of CitraBlue and don’t presently have enough inventory, contact Star Farms; Richard Burns said he can supply you in the short term.

CitraBlue strip remains at Gulf Kist Sod

  • There are currently about 480 acres of CitraBlue in production with planned expansion to over 650.
  • King Ranch recently added almost 70 acres in Belle Glade.
  • Travis Resmondo Sod has plans to expand another 40 acres.
  • Lake Jem Farms plans to plant 10 acres at their Deseret Farm
  • Tater Farms recently expanded their initial stock to 5 acres
  • Before the end of the year, Bethel Farms plans to expand from 10 to 60 acres at their Arcadia farm while at their Ft. Pierce farm they plan to plant up to 30 acres. Bethel also recently signed a license for CitraBlue plug production.
  • The Loving Group has licensed for 14 acres CitraBlue at the H & H farm they leased in 2020.
  • S&K sod has plans to plant at least 10 acres.

Pictured above is Laz, the production manager for Star Farms. Star Farms has 169 acres of CitraBlue and is able to supply other farms with product in the short term.

Gulf Coast Acres

There are now about 50 acres of CitraBlue in the Foley, Alabama area.

New Licensees

California has a new CitraBlue licensee in AG Sod Farms, who services central and southern California. In April they plan to expand from 1 to 12 acres at their Nuevo Farm, which is near Riverside, CA.

Southern Turf Hawaii will become the most recent licensee for CitraBlue. Southern Turf is in the process of licensing and expanding their initial seed stock.

CitraBlue® is now a Registered Mark

CitraBlue is now a registered trademark, so if you plan to print or embroider anything with the CitraBlue logo, be sure to use the updated logo found in the marketing toolkit. Click here to access the CitraBlue marketing Toolkit.


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