One Company, Four Business Units

By Drew Wagner

Sod Solutions is turfgrass development, licensing and promotion to most who know us, but there is much more that we offer our partners across software, sales, marketing and education. In 2022 we are introducing four separate divisions of our company to better define and provide clarity to our customers and staff of our capabilities and services. Turfgrass licensing will always be a core tenet of our business, but the digitization of the world has created multiple opportunities in software technology, marketing, education and sales that we believe will help propel both our business and yours to greater success. Our four new units are outlined below:

Turfgrass Licensing – Turfgrass Licensing is Sod Solution’s core business. Our team works with research universities to develop improved turfgrass varieties and partners with key sod producers and their customers to build and promote strong, lasting brands.

Software Technology – This division provides the sales and support of fee-based software solutions for both internal use and sale to industry partners through products that include MARS, Turf Logistics, Area Calculator and SatQuote. The Turf Logistics management system is the engine that drives all the software solutions within this business unit. Turf Logistics also powers ClickSod eCommerce-driven websites that allow for industry participants to sell sod and other products online.

Sod Homeowners – This division’s primary function is to fulfill online sales of sod, plug trays and landscape products to homeowners via eCommerce, to provide exceptional customer service and to equip homeowners with the knowledge and products to have an excellent home lawn experience. Delivering regular content and related products to residential homeowners through and Sod University, our weekly newsletter and blog.

Sod Professionals- Sod Solutions Pro provides specification consulting, sales and project management for commercial projects in partnership with farms, distributors and installers. The team aids general contractors, specifiers and architects in selecting and sourcing the best grass cultivar for end-to-end solutions for golf, sports and commercial construction.

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