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Sod Solutions Helps Educate Homebuilders

On July 22, 2016 Sod Solutions presented to AV Homes an education seminar on Empire Turf.  AV Homes is a massive homebuilder in the Orlando, Florida area that develops large scale neighborhoods.

Many of their developments use EMPIRE Turf, the Proven Zoysia Grass, exclusively.  AV Homes had about 20 employees attend the event, where Sod Solutions director of retail and professional development Julie Adamski and executive director of production Joel Lane presented information on the proper maintenance techniques for Empire.  Topics covered ranged from proper mowing heights and fertility to soil pH levels and proper pesticide usage.  Sod Solutions was also able to incorporate a past case study from The Villages, Florida to help educate AV Homes using a real life example of Empire Turf success.  If you are interested in having an education seminar or know a company that is, please reach out to Sod Solutions to schedule a date.

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