Turf Logistics – May Update

Every farm is different and operates in its own unique way, but at the end of the day we all must manage planting, taking orders, harvesting, delivering, and accounting for these activities. Turf LogisticsTM has been designed as the hub for these operations to help information flow smoothly throughout your operation; from the office to the field and to your customers. It has been a fun adventure learning in-depth and unique struggles that face sod farming today and developing solutions to meet those challenges.

This spring as the busy season hits its peak, take a minute to think through your operational processes and the amount of time being spent on redundant data entry. Some of these processes involve order entry, invoicing, accounting, searching for information, keeping customers updated on their orders, searching Google Maps for directions and working through which orders to put on what truck. If these sound like struggles your office deals with daily, Turf Logistics has the power to transform your operation.

With spring comes spring cleaning and that is exactly what we have been working on with Turf Logistics. Since the beginning of the year we have brought on Jacob Long, our Software Sales Manager who is in the office every day to support our customers and walk them through the sales cycle. We also have brought on our second full time developer. We are in the final testing phase of a complete system revamp along with iOS and Android apps that will allow drivers, harvesters, and customers to wirelessly sync their devices with delivery and harvest information available both on and offline. The system is always improving and if you haven’t seen it in a while, I would strongly encourage you to give it another look. We now have our 9th farm on the system full time and have processed more than 50,000 unique orders. I am always encouraged by the feedback we have received from our users and hearing about the time and headaches our system has saved. If you would like to schedule a demo to learn how Turf Logistics could work for your operation email Jacob at [email protected].

– Drew Wagner

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