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Country Club of Florida Awarded “2022 Florida Celebration® Golf Course of the Year”

Country Club of Florida Director of Golf, Jeff Klontz and his golf course maintenance team were awarded the “2022 Florida Celebration® Golf Course of the Year” Award. The award is given annually to talented maintenance professionals who display excellence in maintaining Celebration, Latitude 36® or NorthBridge® Bermudagrass golf courses and sports fields. The award is… Read more »

Sod Solutions Awards Admirals Cove Celebration Golf Course of the Year

Once a year around the time of the Florida Turfgrass Show, Sod Solutions awards a sports field or golf course with the title of Celebration Course of The Year. This award recognizes innovative sports turf managers and superintendents who are involved in the turfgrass industry, and have maintained an impeccable Celebration® Bermudagrass surface. The winner of this… Read more »